Steps we have taken to make your golf experience safer...

Here is a list of steps we have implemented to make your round of golf safer:

  • Revamped our online booking process to streamline the check-in process, reducing the time and exposure to others when you arrive at the golf course.
  • Installed Kiosk Check-In terminals for you to use, minimizing the need for interaction with our staff.  This process is new, but once you have done it, you will love it!  (BTW, the Kiosks are easy to clean between each use and we provide hand sanitizer beside each one)
  • Gone to a “no cash” policy for your safety.  Credit card transactions cost us more money, but are exponentially safer than handling cash.  While our staff members could wear gloves and accept cash, we cannot sterilize the cash we would give out for change.  So we do not require our staff members to handle cash.
  • Greatly increased the distance between our staff and other golfers.  By protecting our staff, we are also protecting our golfers!  We have unique ways of delivering items to our golfers that allow us to remain at least 6′ to 8′ from our guests at all times.
  • Asked all golfers to respect a minimum number of people in our clubhouses at all times.  Please do not enter or if you do kindly step outside if there are more than four golfers already in the clubhouse.
  • Implemented stringent cart sanitization practices.  Each cart is sprayed with a bleach solution between use, and then wiped down.  Spraying provides a much more uniform coverage of the bleach solution.
  • Implemented frequent, aggressive cleaning of critical touch points such as door handles, faucets, etc in our clubhouse and restroom areas.
  • Removed all flags from our putting greens.
  • Removed all ball washers from the course.
  • Removed all water containers from the course.
  • Removed all bunker rakes (one kind golfer noted this probably was not necessary as no one ever picked them up and used them anyway)
  • Closed all on-course restroom facilities.
  • Instituted measures to keep the ball from dropping all the way down into the cup, eliminating the potential for golfers touching the inside of the cup or flagstick when retrieving their ball.
  • Asked all golfers to NOT remove the pin/flagstick while playing.
  • No shotgun starts, eliminating any potential for large groups to gather prior to play
  • Instituted a policy where groups are not required to pair up with golfers they do not know unless they agree to do so.