COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions


We have implemented a number of changes in our operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As we know by now, this virus has disrupted lives and businesses around the world.  The extreme measures we have taken are designed to keep you and our staff as safe as possible given the easy transmission/high infection rate of this terrible scourge.  We do not intend for all of these changes to be permanent, but recognize that they are necessary until we achieve some level of control.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times;  below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we have received.

Q.  Is it safe to play golf during the COVID-19 pandemic?  A.  Virtually any activity short of hiding in a closet by yourself comes with a degree of risk of exposure to COVID-19.  The current efforts to delay the spread of the virus infection do not provide 100% protection in any situation; however, the goal is to reduce or eliminate as many potential avenues for spreading the virus as possible.  Golf is an activity that lends itself exceptionally well to the Social Distancing recommendations and because it is played in small groups with no reason for being close to each other is considered a low-risk activity.  You can learn more about our recommendations for a safe round as well as things you can do to further minimize your risk by CLICKING HERE.

Q.  Do I have to book my Tee Time Online at the Ratcliffe Golf Services courses in order to play right now?  A.  We continue to highly recommend that you book online.  This option requires you to pre-pay and that in turn expedites your check-in upon arrival at the course,  reducing your exposure and the exposure of our staff to virus transmission.  We have instituted a Kiosk check-in that is fast, simple and safe to use with pre-booked rounds of golf.  However, at this time we are not REQUIRING you to pre-book online.  You can call in to reserve a tee time, OR you can still walk on.  However, due to a high volume of play right now and the protective steps we have taken, you may have difficulty reaching our staff on the phone AND if you walk on you may find the course too crowded to accommodate your play.

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Q.  Can I play as a single golfer?  A.  While the short answer is “Yes”, the longer answer is “but not all the time.”  Single golfers present some difficult challenges for us right now.  Many golfers do not want to play in the same group with people they do not know during the COVID-19 crisis.  Our online booking technology is designed for the most efficient use of golf courses, which is playing in groups of 4; currently there is no way we can prevent singles from being paired up.  So, until the technology provides a better solution OR the crisis is past, we are not able to offer online booking for singles.  Additionally, we are not always able to accommodate singles and adhere to many golfer’s desire to not be paired up.  Thus we are handing singles on a case-by-case basis, depending on our ability to also address the concerns of other golfers.  If you wish to play as a single golfer, please call the pro shop of the course you wish to play directly and they will work with you to determine the best opportunity for you to play by yourself.

Q.  Do I have to play with golfers I do not know?  A.  No, we are not requiring golfers to play with people they do not know at this time. While we believe that as long as you maintain Social Distancing standards, you are safe playing with people you do not know, we fully understand the concerns this presents.  Please be aware that if you do not wish to play with people that you do not know, it may affect our ability to honor the specific tee time you booked online if you did not book with three other golfers that you know.

Q.  What are your policies on riding carts?  A.  As of May 23, 2020, Mecklenburg County has aligned the guidelines for use of riding carts with that of the State of North Carolina.  Under the Phase II guidelines, golfers can ride two to a cart regardless of household relationship.  Some golfers are still uncomfortable with riding with others, and we will accomodate that where possible.  We are working on further safety measures to address this issue, and will have further clarification within the next week.  Please keep in mind that these guidelines are constantly evolving and may change without any prior notice.  We will do everything within our power to accommodate the desires of all golfers wishing to use our facilities while abiding by the required guidelines. 

Q.  Is the clubhouse open?  A.  The clubhouses at all facilities are currently open, but on a limited basis.  Our snack bars are now open, and indoor seating is available at 50% capacity, with seating spaced at minimum 6′ distancing between tables.  You can enter the pro shop area, access the kiosk and use the restrooms.  Social distancing measures are still in place and will remain effective until further notice.  We have placed barriers to prevent anyone from approaching our counters, and ask that everyone maintains an increased distance from our staff to protect them.  

Q.  Are the Snack Bars open?  A.  Yes.  Seating is available on a limited basis, with 50% of our normal occupancy and 6′ minimum spacing between tables..

Q.  Are the outdoor (on course) restrooms open?  A.  Unfortunately we cannot monitor the use of nor sanitize the on-course restrooms properly and therefore they remain closed at this time.  The restroom facilities in the clubhouse do remain open.

Q.  What steps are you taking to make the golf experience safer?   A.  Golf is already an inherently low risk activity.  At the very first of the pandemic, we reviewed the entire golf experience at our facilities and implemented changes to further reduce the risk of golfers transmitting the virus to one another and to our staff.  These changes included revamping our entire process from online booking to check in to actions on the golf course.  CLICK HERE to see a complete list of the changes we have made in response to COVID-19.

Q.  What can I do to protect myself while playing golf?  A.  Ultimately each of us needs to adopt measures to protect ourselves in this difficult environment; the best protection is for you to inform yourself fully on protective measures, take personal responsibility to protect yourself and implement precautions to reduce the potential for infection.  The obvious first step is to maintain Social Distancing guidelines at all times, and do not get closer than six feet from any other person.  However, we recommend that you increase that distance to at least double (12′) when possible and even fifty feet between members of your group and any other on the golf course.  The great news is there is plenty of space on our courses to achieve this!  Additionally, you should treat everything you touch as potentially contaminated with the virus – that will help you avoid touching things that you really don’t need to touch!  For a complete list of actions you can take to protect yourself, CLICK HERE.