Things you can do to protect yourself during your round of golf!

Here are some steps you should take to safely enjoy your round of golf:

  • Practice Social Distancing Guidelines at all times!  Remain a minimum of at least six feet from others.  Whenever possible, increase this to at least 12′.  Maintain a distance of at least 50′ between your group and other groups on the golf course.
  • Play Golf with Someone You LOVE!  We do not have enough carts to provide each golfer with their own cart.  Take this time to share your golf experience with family members that you love.  The rule of thumb that we are using is if you ride to the course with someone in the same car, you should not worry about riding on a golf cart with them.
  • Minimize your time in the clubhouse.  By far the most potential for exposure is when you spend time around other people, and in areas that other people visit.  Use our online booking service, take advantage of our Kiosk Check-in, get in and get out of the clubhouse as quickly as possible!
  • Please respect the distances we have established at our Pro Shop counters.  This is for the safety of our staff as well as other golfers.  Please maintain at least 12 feet separation from our cart staff – they are our front line in keeping our carts safe!
  • Please self-clean your golf cart frequently and ESPECIALLY at the end of your round.  By removing your own trash from the cart, you are helping to protect our fantastic staff members who are working hard to keep you safe!  We are aggressively protecting their safety while on the job!!
  • DO NOT REMOVE THE FLAGSTICK WHILE PLAYING!  Many golfers are simply relaxing the requirements to even put out – use of “gimmees” is encouraged!  The flagstick is one area that can potentially harbor the COVID-19 virus, and we do not clean these between groups!  We have implemented practices to make it easier to retrieve your ball from the hole without reaching deeply into the cup.
  • Please treat EVERY surface as a potential area from which you could contract the virus.  Avoid contact with anything someone else may have touched if possible; be sure to wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer as often as possible.
  • Do not be shy about enforcing social distancing on others; let someone know if they are getting too close for your own comfort level.  Most people are very respectful of this, but simply forget – we are all social beings and this current situation is not the way we have lived at any point in our history.  Let’s all hope for a speedy exit from the situation!