Effective 6/26/20 we are operating under Governor Roy Cooper’s Executive Order #147 Phase II guidelines for COVID-19 Response


These guidelines modify our operations from previous restrictions, and result in changes to our procedures and ability to serve our guests.  Please check back frequently for updates.  





Executive Order #147 requires face coverings in public areas

Golfers can ride 2 to a cart regardless of household relationships 


To ensure the safety of all our guests and staff, we continue to make changes in many of  our policies.  ALL GOLFERS WILL BE REQUIRED TO RECOGNIZE SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES.  Additionally, we have implemented numerous changes in our regular policies to ensure your safety and the safety of others.  Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences that may result.  We do not expect these changes to be permanent, but we will enforce them during the Pandemic and until they are no longer deemed necessary for safety reasons. 

Here are several important things for you to know:

  • There are certain exceptions to the face covering rule.  Unless you qualify under one of these exceptions, you are supposed to use a face covering when appropriate.  The exact guidance and application for our properties may change as we learn more about the application of the Executive Order, and the specific requirements of Mecklenburg County in particular.
  • During the period when COVID-19 cases are increasing, we are strongly discouraging cash payment. 
  • Reservations are strongly recommended; while we will try to accommodate walk-on players, please be aware that our availability is limited and we may not have the capacity to accommodate walk-on golfers.
  • Online bookings will be accepted as Pre-Paid rounds only, as this will expedite our check-in process.  These changes have necessitated a change to our online booking process;  please note that some options are not available through online booking.  Call the respective pro shop of the course you wish to play for clarification.  Expect delays in our ability to handle the volume of calls we are receiving. 
  • We are not requiring groups to “pair up” with other golfers unless all parties agree to play together, and also agree to adhere to social distancing guidelines within the group.  We are asking golfers to remain a minimum of 50′ from other groups while on the course.
  • Golfers may now ride 2 per cart with no restrictions.  
  • Our driving ranges are open, but we are limiting their use to 25 golfers or less at a single time.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Our online booking process is not capable of handling the current situation where we do not pair up golfers with players not in their group.  Due to our current policy on pairing, we are not able to accommodate single golfers booking their rounds online.  If you do so, and inadvertently book with another group of golfers, you may not have access to the course.  If you want to play as a single, the only options we can currently offer is for you to call the Pro Shop of the course that you want to play and our staff will work with you to determine the best possibility for you to play by yourself.  We are doing everything we can to make the courses available to as many people as possible, and for this reason groups of up to 4 golfers booking together will have priority over smaller groups.  We will make every effort to accommodate everyone, but the current situation is creating situations where this is not always possible.

Thank you for your continued patience, understanding and cooperation as we continue to make adjustments during these difficult times!

Kiosk Check-In

Introducing Kiosk Check-in

In direct response to the COVID-19 virus, we are transitioning to a new Kiosk Check-in service.  Use of the kiosk is optional, but greatly speeds up the arrival/check-in/payment process.  It is our safest means for arranging for your golf experience.   To use this exciting technology, you must first set up an account in our new booking system.  Click on the “My Dashboard” link in your confirmation email and set up your account (if you have not previously done so) prior to your arrival at the course.  Once you get to the course, proceed to the kiosk and register for your round using the confirmation number provided in the confirmation email.  It’s that simple!  

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